Customs Post Straseni in CAAN Industrial Park  

Customs Post Straseni in CAAN Industrial Park

Today on the territory of CAAN Industrial Park was executed first customs declaration due to official opening of new headquarters of Customs Post Straseni which is a subdivision of Central Customs Post. In even took part the chief of Central Customs Post Eugeniu Chichioi, representative from Ministry of Economy, Olga Bodanova, vice mayor of Straseni, Gheorghe Caraman, and the representatives of CAAN Industrial Park.

Customs Post Straseni was from the beginning a project to ensure fast execution of intensive flow of transport and customs operations. Thus customs post inside CAAN Industrial Park is arranged according to all conditions of legislation in force and is able to work in whole volume at the highest superior level of the full range of customs services.

To facilitate and perform operations of import-export on extended area inside CAAN Industrial Park was created a Zone for Customs Control. Zone for Customs Control is equipped with storage of high capacity, adjacent territory for parking and handling vehicles of high tonnage.

Moreover, to speed the customs procedure in the Park, operates customs broker.

During the speech, Olga Bodanova, the representative of the Ministry of Economy, has said that new industrial park will move towards resolution of important problems which local administration in Straseni is facing. The existence of Customs Post in the park will resolve traffic problems which are created by heavy vehicles that perform operations of import – export in terminals within the radius of Chisinau. Now all economic agents will be able to execute documents right on the spot.

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