CAAN Industrial Park - Founding and development  

S.A. CAAN", ("Maşfrigcomplect", hereinafter is referred to as "MFC") is founded in accordance with Law of privatization (nr. 627-XII from 04.07.1991, Law on entrepreneurship and business (nr. 845-XII from 03.01.1992) and other normative acts of the Republic of Moldova on 28 September 1995.

The company was registered on 27 December 1995 in State Register of Enterprises and Organizations.

In 1996 the company has undergone restructuring. From the moment of completion of restructuring Plan and until present time one of its main types of activity is to provide rent of production facilities, auxiliary, machinery and other equipment.

Historically it was one of 4 factories of national importance, designated for the production of refrigerator equipment for the whole Soviet Union.

In present S.A."CAAN" is a joint stock company, which, in fact, due to the launch of the restructuring project in 90s of the last century now works as the industrial park.