CAAN Industrial Park – Location  

Park's strategic location in country's Central Development Zone, in the city of Straseni, only 15 km away from the capital of the Republic of Moldova – mun. Chisinau, is one of strong arguments and decisions of investors in selecting rent production facilities. Proximity to the capital allows to use resources to their maximum. Besides the advantage of location, CAAN INDUSTRIAL PARK also benefits from:

  • Connection to all important transport routes and access to all important zones from logistics point of view.
  • Direct access to national and international roads, including national road Chişinău - Ungheni - Sculeni - border with Romania, highway M14 Brest-Briceni-Chişinău, international road Chişinău-Leuşeni.
  • Location in close proximity to "Chisinau-Ungheni" railway.
  • Location on the route of the railway "Chisinau-Ungheni" with connection to the railway through own section and is connected to the internal route between storage facilities and loading / unloading terminal.

Straseni district borders with the following districts: Calarasi, Nisporeni, Hincesti, Ialoveni, Criuleni and Orhei. The total area of Straseni district is 729,31km². The total area of Straseni town is 60,82 km². This district consists of 39 localities which are: 2 towns, 25 communes and 12 villages.

Analysis of human resources in Straseni district.

The population of the district is 91,3 thousand. Villages with the population of more than 5000 residents: Cojusna, Lozova, Vorniceni and Sireti. The town of Stratesi has a population of 21 867 residents. Straseni district has a population distribution in favour of females (51%). The average population density is 125,5 residents per km². Moreover in recent years there is a tendency of increase of population of town Straseni. Straseni district has the following structure of the population by age.

  Group   Men   Women   Total
57/63+ 3395 8554 11949
Total 44783 46563 91346
0-15 8445 8096 16541
16 – 56(62) 32943 27913 60856

Human resources potential for the CAAN INDUSTRIAL PARK

In town of Straseni and in the district are over 60,000 people of working age. It indicates a potential of available workforce that can realized by attracting people in the industrial park. Over 20% of population of working age are people with higher education, predominantly in the town of Straseni.